"Helping pets and their people,
any way we can."

365 days a year, by appointment.
PO Box 236
Dauphin PA 17018-0236

(717) 921-2117

Phone is the best way to contact us, 
as sometimes our email is not available.

      Our projects and programs:

  • free pet id tags

  • break-away cat collars (a "ticket home")

  • loans of traps for capturing lost and stray pets and for trapping cats for spay/neuter

  • low-cost vaccination and spay/neuter advice, referrals and support

  • lost/found pet advice, registry and assistance

  • pet placement/adoption advice and referrals

  • before-you-get-a-pet advice

  • microchip scanning and information

  • pet behavioral advice and support

  • flea Control Advice

  • affordable Flea Treatments and Preventatives

  • loans of dog crates and cat cages

  • Drop Traps, for capturing EVERY cat!

    for sale and on loan.
    both folding and non folding
    just give us a call. (717)921-2117

Here’s how you can help pets, too:

  • Because even one litter is a tragedy, spay or neuter all your pets and neighborhood strays now. Even if you think you can find “good homes” for the litter, those homes will be unavailable to other homeless pets, who will then suffer and die. Five more puppies or kittens equals five homeless or dead ones.
  • Keep your phone number id on every pet, all the time. Microchip your pets and register your information. If your pet goes missing, look for your pet immediately and don’t stop till you find your pet. Your pet is depending on you to save it!
  • Adopt your next pet from a non-breeding source, such as Do not acquire from a pet store, breeder, farmer, kennel or cattery.
  • Train and socialize your dog. Many dogs become homeless due to lack of socialization or lack of training
  • Help others to spay/neuter “fix” their pets and neighborhood strays
  • Donate locally to volunteer spay/neuter groups. Your donations are needed in your community, to help the local pets. Keep your donation where it can do the most good, in your community. Do not send money to organizations outside of your area.
  • Volunteer with local spay/neuter groups. Spread the good works and the good news.
  • Share these suggestions with others.

The pet overpopulation problem is one national crisis for which we already have the solution. Currently an estimated $2 billion yearly is being spent/wasted on the “confine, kill,
dispose” method of pet population control. Solving this crisis would free up money and resources to help people and pets in many, more positive ways.

None of the homeless, suffering pets came to Earth on a UFO from a distant planet! Each came from a “non-fixed” pair of pets. That means we can immediately reduce the problem and essentially solve the crisis in the near future if everyone who cares would be part of the kind solution.

There will always be some people who have no compassion for pets nor people, and do not care. Those will continue to breed pets, intentionally or negligently.

But if everyone who cares about pets, people or tax and donation dollars would be part of the kind, sane solution, we could immediately reduce the problem and essential solve the problem in the very near future.

Good news that’s truly making a difference: Puppies and kittens can be spayed/neutered at 3 and four months of age, before they reach the reproductive age. Kittens will only
be about as big as a guinea pig… not very big! Pets can be spayed even if they are pregnant. It is much kinder to spay the adult now, rather than waiting and adding more homeless pets to an already overpopulated world.

Do you have ideas, comments, suggestions to share them with us? Contact us, we’d like to hear from you.

Angel Pet 
Cremation Services

“Direct from your love,
 to our compassionate care,
 and home again.”

>   available 365 days a year  <

click here for more information, and then
call (717) 580-1879 or (717) 921-2117
to discuss your options.
Referrals to Compassionate Affordable In Home Euthanasia

We appreciate referrals to 
all our programs.

When people
 choose our Pet Cremation or
grooming services, we can continue
to provide our other
lifesaving programs.


   Pet Comfort Grooming

  • affordable

  • daily; “emergency” & de-skunking

  • comfort oriented, compassionate

  • “kennel” & “puppy” clips

  • soothing baths

  • cat bathing and clipping, too

  • affordable flea/tick treatments and preventatives for sale

  • self-service dog wash (by appointment)

  • free pet toenail trimming & mat removal… 
    call  for details



        Available 365 days a year,
              by appointment.

              call (717) 921- 2117


Angel Pets' Wish List

> People to Adopt Their Next Pet. Visit:

> People to "fix" their pets, friends' and relatives' pets, and neighborhood strays. If you rescue a pet, immediately have it spayed/neutered. Don't let the pet have a litter or your rescue will be "in vain." You saved one but now more pets will compete for the available homes.

> Plastic dog houses and wooden rabbit hutches as shelters for outside cats

> Purina ONE Kitten Food,

> Cat food; canned and dry

> Donations to enable us to provide our truly lifesaving services. (at this time, donations are not tax deductible)

> If you know of dogs or cats that are not spayed/neutered, call us. Let's use your donation to have those pets spayed/neutered now. Thank you! 


Some quotes:

"The pet overpopulation crisis isn't the end of the world… unless you're a pet."

"Even one litter is a tragedy."

"Friends DON'T let friends HAVE LITTERS."

"Litter is just another word for trash."

"The top ten reasons to spay/neuter your pet… died at a pound today."

"There are millions of reasons to adopt your next pet from a non-breeding source… that's the number of homeless, adoptable pets."

"If you put down a bowl of food, immediately pick up a phone and call to have that pet or stray fixed. It is so much cheaper to fix that first ONE than to fix the litter later!" Don't wait until the problem of one pet becomes 5 or 10 times worse, which is what happens if one litter happens.


        What Pet Problem? - A Survey.